Friday, July 7, 2017


Hey guys Mikayla here I have A recount for you.
Yesterday we went to timbernook it is where there is a hill where do i start. We were getting on to the bus it was like half an hour dive when we got there we had to go to kim she told as roles there were three Roles then she said go and play I went start to the Mountain and then i went to find sticks to build me and elijeshach,mikayla a den we work together and then there was tesa cool tail I had to get three for my friend so we could be cat so i got a black and white then i got a brown last off all i got a gray one then kids come and stole are stuff so i  said we should move to the cool place down there but then same kids were living in it so i ask if i can live with them and they said yes then when i was going to Tell elijescha i Fell down a slope and Grace my whole leg and my Pants got muddy then it was nely lunch i got cleaned up and then it was lunch then we went to play there was 20 minute lift then we went back to school.               Thank you for listening!!!

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